The Age of Endarkenment

by Andrew Thomas Jacobs

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Unity through disparate visions.


released September 23, 2015

All music Andrew Thomas Jacobs.
All vocals/words Andrew Thomas Jacobs except spoken word by Kari on the track Golden Light.
I plays various guitars, keyboards, trumpet, Maui xaxaphoon, banjo and the Handsonic. My field recordings also make there way into the mix.
Cover art: Andrew Thomas Jacobs.



all rights reserved


Andrew Thomas Jacobs Portland, Oregon

The ongoing solo project. DIY. Musician, artist and proud member of the Navajo Nation. I play (anything if it makes noise) the trumpet, clarinet, Maui xaxaphoon, keyboards, guitars, bass and various hand percussion. Proceeds go directly to the artist. I can not thank you enough for buying my music. Thank you. ... more

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Track Name: Mustard Leatherette
I applied William Burroughs cut up method to these lyrics.

Mustard Leatherette

I explored the scars on her thighs
Feeling for the wound areas under her left breast
Mustard leatherette
In the fading afternoon light the airlines moved across our heads along the
east / west runways of our eyes
The pleasant surgical odor
Her body
The tang of mustard leatherette
The chromium controls leered in the shadows like the heads of silver snakes
The fauna of a metal dream
Feeling the impress of the contoured leather
The meeting points
Rectilinear geometries
My first orgasm
I expose the scars on her thigh
Mustard leatherette
Mustard leatherette
Track Name: Golden Light
The lyrics are cut from a audio recording I made of guided meditation to facilitate healing.

Vocals by Kari.
Track Name: Bankers Dozen
Bankers Dozen

All you gave
And all you saved and then...
They took it away
Took your home and everything
All you try to...
All you try to do is save
And the banks
They all just fade away
And the banks fade away
All my life
Has been a dream till now
Now it's a nightmare
They took it away
All my dreams and then...
And the banks all step in line
And the bankers all fade away
Oh you turned around
And everything away
You took everything away
And the banks all fall in line
And the banks all fall in line
Please note: The spoken word content of this song is a credit card offer from my bank. The fine print that says they can do anything they want, anytime, anyplace, anywhere!