Doubting Thomas

by Andrew Thomas Jacobs



Doubting Thomas was to be an acoustic project by Andrew Thomas Jacobs and Mike James. James is a singer song writer and fine guitarist. Sadly the project was stillborn. But, these demos speak to what might have been. The "Doubting Thomas" title for our duo project, was arrived at due to the fact we both have the same middle name.


released May 8, 2017

Andrew Thomas Jacobs: Acoustic steel string guitar, electric bass, clarinet, Maui Xaxaphoon, vocals and percussion.
Mike James: Steel string acoustic guitar and percussion.



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Andrew Thomas Jacobs Portland, Oregon

The ongoing solo project. DIY. Musician, artist and proud member of the Navajo Nation. I play (anything if it makes noise) the trumpet, clarinet, Maui xaxaphoon, keyboards, guitars, bass and various hand percussion. Proceeds go directly to the artist. I can not thank you enough for buying my music. Thank you. ... more

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Track Name: Suffering is Everywhere.
Basic Buddhism. The Ten Grave Precepts. The Three Treasures. The Four Noble Truths. The Eightfold Path and The Four Vows are rendered without words near the end.
Track Name: Altar of Broken Dreams
I had a chance to do some recording with Mike James. A great singer-songwriter. He had one request, would I include a line about being king.
I am the king
Bring me your lofty dreams
Set them here and we will ponder these.
I am the king give me tribute
On this altar of broken dreams
It was a nightmare from which you'll never wake
Altar of pain and broken dreams
Oh give me please your children that never cry or scream
I am the king you are my knave
Joker of pain and hopeless dreams
I had a dream in someone else's bed is it you or is it me
It was a nightmare I couldn't scream
Was it you or was it me
All of these broken dreams
Like so many dead birds on this terminal beach
I am the king pay me tribute
On this altar of broken dreams x2